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Hemp Skateboards

Hemporium has been supplying hemp fabric to Ro at Earth Skateboard co for use in his bamboo composite skateboards.
Ro takes great pride in creating work-of-heart boards and has succeeded in getting as close to an organic board as is currently possible.

The boards made for Hemporium were used using bamboo sheets with 100% hemp canvas laminated between them using a soy based epoxy resin.

Ro says he is amazed by the properties of the hemp, especially the hemp/silk blend.
It is much nicer to work with than fibre glass or carbon fibre, and has the added bonus of acting as a slight shock absorber when riding at speed on a bumpy surface.
Bring on the fiber-grass!

The quest is on to minimise the impacts made by the sports like surfing and skating generally associated with a natural lifestyle, but often using toxic and non-biodegradable equipment.

Ro is a pioneer dedicated to working with materials that will bring extreme sportsman even closer to the nature they practice their sport in.

Look out for the prototype hemp/silk and bamboo laminate surfboard coming soon.

For more info visit

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