Hemporium Proud to be Founding Member of Cannabis Trade Association of Africa

  Shale TInkler     2021-02-19   View all blog articles

Hemporium is proud to be a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association of Africa, a voluntary non-profit association for cannabis industry companies and professionals.

17 – 02 – 21

The association aims to be a self-regulatory body that will help the industry grow in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way.

The membership is currently made up of some of the most recognizable pioneer companies in the space who have all shown a willingness to work together to promote quality products and service to the growing cannabis consumer base in Africa.

The association also engages with the regulators in order to push for enabling regulations that are based on science and best practice and will be able to guide its members in any disputes.

As the industry grows and more companies and individuals enter the space, it is important that we collaborate and share knowledge. The Cannabis Trade Association Africa will only be able to grow and offer more services as membership grows. If you are interested in joining, please visit https://www.ctaafrica.org/ to do so.