7 Compelling Reasons Why Hemp Textiles are Better for You and Your Planet

  Shale TInkler     2022-08-25   View all blog articles

We have evidence that humans were using hemp textiles as early as 8000 BC. In fact, our word for canvas comes from the word cannabis.

But since hemp cultivation was banned in many countries for much of the 20th century and beyond, you could be forgiven for not knowing too much about hemp textiles today. However, recent changes in legislation are allowing hemp cultivation to become more widespread, and more and more people are once again discovering the abundant benefits of hemp textiles. Read on to find out what makes hemp so much better than the rest …

Add an ethical, eco-conscious element to your range.

If you are looking for ways for your brand to tread a bit more lightly, then look no further.  Hemp textiles are the solution for brands and consumers with a more conscious and ethical approach because they are plastic-free, biodegradable and sustainable. They also bring that luxurious, premium quality feel to any application, from fashion to accessories, to interiors and so much more. Here are some examples of local South African brands that are using our textiles for their products:

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