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  • Greenpop Gets Greener with Hemp

      Shale TInkler     2023-04-25
    Greenpop's Reforest Fest is South Africa's premier eco-festival where attendees not only have a blast but help heal our planet while doing so. Since 2011, ...
  • Trusted Supplier Feature: Poly Nation

      Shale TInkler     2023-04-25
    This feature will showcase Poly Nation, the team who manufactures many of Hemporium's clothing styles, including t-shirts and hoodies. Founded in 1995, Poly Nation is ...
  • Hemporium Visits Invegrow Hemp Malawi

      Shale TInkler     2022-11-30
    Hemporium’s sister company in Malawi, Invegrow, has been going from strength to strength over the last few years in very challenging conditions. We had not ...
  • Regulators, Mount Up

      Shale TInkler     2022-02-25
    This article was originally published in Evolved Magazine, which is a partnership between industry thought leaders and the official mouthpiece for the CTAA (Cannabis Trade ...
  • The State of the (Hemp) Nation

      Shale TInkler     2021-11-17
    25 years of Hemporium came and went this year. Unfortunately without the celebration, we would have hoped for due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, a quarter-century ...
  • Stay Safe and Healthy with Hemp Face Masks

      Shale TInkler     2020-04-30
    COVID-19 has led to some stressful and uncertain times. As South Africa begins to gradually move out of lockdown, citizens will need to take extra ...
  • Cannabis Industry Exploding in SA

      Shale TInkler     2019-04-17
    Wow, what a few months it has been in 2019 already for the hemp/cannabis industry! The passing of the Farm Bill in the States, making ...
  • Progress Report: Hemp Cultivation in Africa

      Shale TInkler     2018-09-12
    The global cannabis industry is exploding in certain regions, while others remain in the starting blocks, and some haven’t even left the changerooms yet. 11 ...
  • Cosmetic Makeover

      Shale TInkler     2018-08-12
    Looking good, feeling great!- Hemporium’s trusted hemp cosmetic range gets a makeover. 15 - 07 - 18 (more…)
  • Field Trip: EIHA Hemp Conference

      Shale TInkler     2018-06-27
    The 15th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) was recently held in Cologne, Germany, and Tony Budden was again invited to present ...
  • Invegrow: Pioneering Hemp in Malawi

      Shale TInkler     2017-06-15
    Meet Invegrow: the team blazing the hemp trail in one of Africa's hottest prospects for legal hemp cultivation. 14 - 06 - 17 (more…)
  • Hemp Stakeholders Workshop: Feasibility Study

      Shale TInkler     2017-04-19
    19-04-17 On the 24th of April, The National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) hosted a Stakeholders Workshop in Centurion to give feedback on the feasibility study ...
  • Cultivating Hemp in SA: Update

      Shale TInkler     2017-03-22
    03 - 03 - 2017 "What's the latest news on growing hemp in SA?". Read on to find out.. (more…)
  • Spread the Love

      Shale TInkler     2017-01-31
    25-01-2017 Roses are Red, Hemp is Green... (more…)
  • Screening of Award-winning Hemp Documentary

      Shale TInkler     2016-11-07
    07-11-16 Join us for the next installment in our hemp awareness evenings with a free screening of award-winning hemp documentary Bringing it Home. (more…)
  • Hemp for Dummies 2

      Shale TInkler     2016-09-05
    05-09-2015 For those that missed it the first time - another chance to join us for our hemp awareness evening! (more…)
  • Hemp in Malawi

      Shale TInkler     2016-08-20
    20-08-2016 Tony recently visited Invegrow’s hemp trial in Malawi. He has been consulting on the project and was pleased to see the progress they are ...
  • Home is Where the Hemp is

      Shale TInkler     2016-07-07
    22-07-16 Welcome to our new home! Get the scoop on our opening sales & promotions, and take a look at this edition's style highlight. (more…)
  • Sowing Seeds of Hope & Healing

      Shale TInkler     2016-02-28
    28-02-2016 Hemporium is helping to supply hemp nutrition to Yiza Ekhaya soup kitchen in Khayelitsha township near Cape Town, South Africa. Won't you help too? (more…)
  • Dreaming of a Green Xmas?

      Shale TInkler     2015-12-01
    01-12-2015 Discover more about the Trial of the Plant - the court case which could lead to legal hemp in SA. Learn about hemp developments ...
  • Cannabinoids

      Shale TInkler     2015-02-17
    Tetrahydrocannibinol, or THC, is the psychoactive compound that is dominant in Marijuana/dagga and is the part of the plant that is associated with the "high" ...
  • Hemporium sponsors Global Wheeling

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 08-06-2012 Hemporium sponsors Global Wheeling Globalwheeling is the brainchild of South African Solo Adventurer, Kayden Kleinhans, Environmental Activist and Founder of the ...
  • The difference between Price and Cost

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 04-06-2012 For anyone involved in eco-business, the question “but why is it so expensive?” would have been one heard all too often. ...
  • 2nd International Hemp Building Symposium, Spain

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 17-06-2011 2nd International Hemp Building Symposium, Granada, Spain 2011 Just over a year and a half since we attended the 1st International ...
  • The House that Hemp Built – The Concept

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 02-11-2010 The House that Hemp Built – The Concept Why Hemp? Hemp is one of the most versatile natural resources know to ...
  • The House that Hemp Built – History

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 14-10-2010 The House that Hemp Built History Hemp building is fast been recognised as the premier eco-building technique. It has mainstream acceptance ...
  • The House that Hemp Built – Introduction

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 02-10-2010 Hemporium has strived to showcase all that hemp has to offer over the last few years, manufacturing and selling everything from ...
  • Sustainable Surfing

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 09-03-2010 Generally, surfers are considered to be serious nature lovers, but recently the surf industry has come under fire for how the ...
  • Hemp and Bamboo Surfboards

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 05-02-2010 Following on from the Bamboo and Hemp Skateboards that have been performing brilliantly, we decided to expand the concept into Surfboards. ...
  • Versatile Hemp

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 20-01-2010 Hemps potential goes way beyond the products we are currently producing and our two retail outlets showcase many of the other ...
  • Hemp Skateboards

      Shale TInkler     2014-01-07
    From the Archive: 02-12-2009 Hemporium has been supplying hemp fabric to Ro at Earth Skateboard co for use in his bamboo composite skateboards. Ro takes ...
  • Modern Uses of Industrial Hemp: Stalks

      Shale TInkler     2013-07-08
    Bast Fibre Textiles & Fabrics Hemp fibre is one of the strongest, longest and most durable vegetable fibres. Hemp fabrics have superior qualities such as ...
  • Modern Uses of Industrial Hemp: Seeds

      Shale TInkler     2013-07-08
    Hemp Nut Foods The hemp seed is one of nature’s most perfect sources of nutrition. The hemp seed contains up to 25% high-quality protein with ...