CBDo’s and don’ts: clearing confusion around CBD in SA

  Shale TInkler     2019-09-02   View all blog articles

There has been a lot of buzz around CBD recently. And a lot of confusion.
“Is it legal? How much can I take? Will I still fail a drug test? Will it make me high? How does it work?”

These are just some of the questions we receive on a daily basis at Hemporium.

02 – 09 – 19

The Traditional And Natural Health Alliance were instrumental in obtaining the recent exemption from the medicine schedules for low-dose CBD. We approached them for some clarity on a few of these issues.

Is it legal and how much can I take?

“CBD became exempt from the Schedule 4 and Schedule 6 prescription-only medicine lists on the 23rd of May after our organization successfully challenged the prescription-only status of CBD and successfully negotiated an interim means for companies already invested in such products to continue to trade, and for the public to continue to access the substance. 

In order to remain exempt from Schedule 4 and Schedule 6, strict rules apply to it being sold outside the context of a ‘medicine’ in terms of the exclusion notice, namely;

The total volume of CBD is less than 20mg for daily suggested usage.
The total volume of THC in the product is less than 0.001% (10 parts per million).
That no therapeutic claims be made for the product, except for “accepted low-risk claims or health claims for ‘general health enhancement’, ‘health maintenance’, or ‘relief of minor symptoms not related to a disease or disorder’. “

The Minister of Health set this exemption for 12 months. We are not sure what will happen after that, as by then Cannabis should be covered by new regulations as ordered by the Constitutional Court last year.

Therapeutically speaking, 20mg a day is not a dose high enough to make any claims about. However, it is still going to be of general benefit to your endocannabinoid system and general wellbeing. 

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Will CBD make me high or fail a drug test?

As far as getting you high goes, as long as the product you use is certified to meet the “less than 10 parts per million” THC level, there is no chance of you getting “high”, or failing any drug tests. We have heard of products being sold as CBD that do have a higher THC level, as some countries allow up to 0.3% in their CBD products, so it is important to buy products that have been tested and have Certificates of Analysis available on request.

Right now you can find CBD in everything from coffee and gummies to lotions and pet sprays. This will become even more so after harvest season in North America as they are growing up to 8 times their current demand. We can expect a price drop over the next year for CBD raw materials. This will hopefully translate into lower prices for the end products and more people being able to use CBD on a daily basis.

We are also confident that the laws around growing hemp will be changing soon. We hope to be able to offer you locally sourced and manufactured CBD products in the next year or two. This will also help as the costs of importing currently are very high.

The products we stock are lab-tested to ensure quality, safety and compliance.

How does it work?

“The human body has two currently-known types of points where cannabinoids can bind, called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Cannabinoids can attach to the CB1 and CB2 docking points since they have a similar structure to the body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids.

From here, CBD can impact movement, pain, emotions, mood and other functions regulated by endocannabinoids. This is still an area of active research and much of how it all works is still being explored.

For now, Hemporium offers you a range of CBD products that are curated for quality, legality and compliance. We insist on Certificates of Analysis from our suppliers. It is always inspiring to see the feedback from our customers on how CBD has positively impacted their wellbeing.

We love hemp and are constantly amazed at the products that it can produce, especially considering that about 5 years ago hardly anybody even knew what CBD was.

What next can we expect from this fantastic plant?