Dreaming of a Green Xmas?

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Discover more about the Trial of the Plant – the court case which could lead to legal hemp in SA. Learn about hemp developments in Malawi, and read a testimonial from a customer who has had great success using CBD in treating a condition known as syringomyelia.

Hempy Holidays

Hempy Holidays!

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Trial of the Plant

Trial of the Plant 

Hemporium’s Tony Budden is joining the Constitutional Challenge in the Trial of the Plant in March next year as the expert witness on the industrial uses of cannabis. Here’s what he had to say:
After 20 years of trying to find a political solution, we are tired of asking for our rights. The time has come to stand up and take them.
We know the current laws are wrong.
We know that having Cannabis listed as a dangerous and dependence producing Schedule 7 drug with no accepted use means that:
We cannot use it for food, houses, fibre and fuel;
Doctors can’t prescribe it and sick people can’t take advantage of its multiple healing properties;
Indigenous people’s rights are being infringed as they are prevented from utilizing a plant they have used traditionally for thousands of years;
We make no allowance for “responsible adult use” of the plant and criminalise people for what is essentially a lifestyle choice, inflicting more harm instead of helping those who may run into addiction issues.
I am honoured to add my voice to what I hope will be a rational debate and will for once and for all result in regulations based on science, current knowledge, rationality and the Human Right to choose what we put in and on our own bodies.
Your support for this cause would be greatly appreciated.Get behind the cause & make a donation to help bring more expert witnesses on board.Hemp gets the Green Light in Malawi

Hemp gets the Green Light in Malawi

Malawi’s Minister of Agriculture, Allan Chiyembekeza says the country has approved plans to grow industrial hemp for export on a trial basis.

For 2 years Hemporium’s Tony has been providing consultation to Invegrow, the company who has received the permit & has been working with government researchers to facilitate the trial. Tony comments:

“I am so proud to know that seeds are going into the ground now as we start evaluating different varieties, which is challenging so close to the equator. May the earth receive the seeds with open arms and the sun invite them to grow tall, and may Malawi soon benefit from the jobs, houses, food and medicine that we know this plant can bring.”

It is wonderful to see hemp happening in Africa! Aluta Continua.

CBD Hemp Oil Customer Feedback

CBD Hemp Oil Customer Feedback

And for our last segment, we recently received some fantastic feedback from one of our customers who has been using Elixinol CBD hemp oil. With permission, we’re happy & grateful to be able to share this with you. This was totally unsolicited feedback from a paying customer. Read the message we received, and the accompanying 21 day test here.