Hemp and Bamboo Surfboards

  Shale TInkler     2014-01-07   View all blog articles

From the Archive: 05-02-2010

Following on from the Bamboo and Hemp Skateboards that have been performing brilliantly, we decided to expand the concept into Surfboards.

Once the blank had been shaped by Jerm at Cape Town Classics (version 2 will hopefully have an eco-blank), Ro from Earth Skateboard Company laminated a 0.6mm bamboo veneer on top and covered this with a hemp/silk cloth. He used a soy based resin to seal it all in, and voila, the Petit Pois, our first eco-board was born.

I have tested her everywhere from Long Beach to Jeffreys Bay and she handles beautifully. She is very buoyant, so we could do away with some of her volume in future models.

It is great to know that there is no fibreglass in the board, just fibre-grass.

We hope to make these boards available for custom order soon, so contact us for more info.

Thanks to Liam and Lee at Glassrootz for the decals, sand coat and spray job.