Hemporium sponsors Global Wheeling

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Hemporium sponsors Global Wheeling

Globalwheeling is the brainchild of South African Solo Adventurer, Kayden Kleinhans, Environmental Activist and Founder of the initiative, a South African registered NGO and platform for environmental change.

Kayden has to date traversed over 31 000 carbon free kilometres on four continents crossing some of the most volatile regions on the planet by bicycle. Clocking up expeditions through the jungles of Sumatra, Borneo and surviving the crossing of the Sahara and civil war in Ivory coast. All these miles in the name of carbon reduction and environmental awareness.

A protest against climate change, most recently navigating Europe and Africa in an attempt to plant one tree for every carbon free kilometre cycled. A project designed to assist in offsetting the colossal carbon footprint left by the South African Football World Cup 2010.

Kayden is currently gearing up for phase two of the Global Wheeling initiative that will tackle the Americas, continents five and six in his adventure repertoire, solo and unsupported as he continues to forge forward on a quest to highlight the possibility of change towards a lower carbon dominated lifestyle, advocating the bicycle as a positive tool in the battle against climate change whilst highlighting our over reliance on fossil fuels & oil dependancy.

Nominated for two environmental awards through his efforts, Kayden tackles his intercontinental expeditions with some sponsored Hemporium gear. Asked by the Editor of Go-multi magazine, “Whats the one bit of gear you cant do without?”, Kayden replied, “Hands down, my hemp saddlebag (urban holster) which houses my survival knife, passport, cash etc, everything I need to survive if I get stitched up abroad.”

A firm believer in Hemporium as an innovative brand, a pioneer in South Africa in its aproach to providing eco-friendly solutions to the need for sustainable materials The Global Wheeler clocked up 15 000 km’s through Europe and Africa in hemp shorts and reckons theres no need to look like you’ve just stepped out of a sci-fi movie to enjoy a good bike ride as he chuckles and makes a a humurous gesture towards lycra and its plastic like properties.

Follow the globalwheeler and his hemp holster on www.globalwheeling.org