Love your Planet and Be Rewarded with Hemporium Eco RE:wards

  Shale TInkler     2019-01-16   View all blog articles

Discover how you can put eco-friendly ideas into practice, and be rewarded with our Eco RE:wards program.

14 – 01 – 19

One of the best things on the very long list of things that make hemp so great is how eco-friendly it is.

For instance, hemp reduces the need for pesticides, and helps to purify the soil it grows in. Hemp can even help offset the effects of global warming by absorbing lots of carbon dioxide as it grows. The speed with which our favourite plant grows also makes it highly sustainable.

We promote the use of hemp because we believe it plays a powerful role in the movement towards a healthier planet.

One of the core principles of our ethos at Hemporium is integrity. This means that we strive to “walk the talk” (or should that be “stalk”?). Therefore we want to ensure that our business operations align with the message of eco-consciousness that we share with the world.

That’s where our RE:wards come in. This program is a way to help us show a little love for our planet while also showing our appreciation for you, our valued customer.

Here’s how it works:

We mentioned above some of the reasons that make hemp so eco-friendly. Simply by choosing hemp products over conventional (plastic, cotton) ones, is a great way to reduce your environmental impact.  Declare your commitment to a greener future by wearing Hemporium clothing or accessories the next time you visit our store. As a Re:ward for your support, we’ll “reduce” the cost of any Hemporium clothing, accessories, or cosmetics your purchase on that visit by 15%. Who doesn’t like a good discount?

Say no to “throwaway culture”. Bring your broken or damaged Hemporium clothing or accessories in to our store, and we’ll do our best to repair it for you (depending on the nature of the damage). Repairing and reusing items you already own is more sustainable than buying new ones.

Plastic pollution is currently one of our most pressing environmental concerns. Consequently, we strive to reduce the presence of plastic in our products and practices wherever possible. Similarly, we aim to dispose of plastic in the most responsible way we can. When your Hemporium cosmetics are finished, bring us the empty container. We’ll recycle it for you, and give you 15% off your next purchase of Hemporium cosmetics.

And that’s it! So next time you visit our store make sure you are wearing your favourite Hemporium gear. Also, don’t forget to bring your empty cosmetics containers. If the buckle on your trusty Hemporium bag happens to have worn out after many years, then bring that along too!

We’ll ensure that you are rewarded for your efforts. Meanwhile you can feel good knowing you’ve contributed in some small way to a happier Earth.

Until next time, if you’re looking for more ways to make your life a little more eco-friendly, why not visit some of these pages for suggestions?