Official Press Release: Hemporium Launches New Headquarters

  Shale TInkler     2016-10-27   View all blog articles




New hemp shop, showroom, warehouse and offices in Westlake, Cape Town.

Hemporium, est. 1996, South Africa’s premier hemp company, has consolidated its operations and offerings in a new space, with the largest selection of hemp products in Africa.

Tony Budden, Hemporium’s Marketing Director, states

“Having our showroom, shop, offices and warehouse all at one address enables us to better serve our customers and meet our aim of showcasing all that hemp has to offer, while presenting it in a natural and sustainable environment.”

Hemporium’s new shop and offices are an embodiment of Hemporium’s eco-credentials with hempcrete plaster on the walls, cork flooring, LED lighting and sustainable moon-phase harvested wood paneling and shop fittings.

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Hemporium manufactures locally, from imported raw materials, a range of eco-friendly hemp clothing, accessories, body-care products, hemp oil and protein products from the nutritious hemp seed, construction materials and a wide selection of imported hemp fabrics, ropes and twines.

Hemporium will also be using the space to offer educational talks on hemp and other environmental issues, as well as displaying products by other local designers and manufacturers that are all made from the versatile hemp plant.


Hemp is fast reclaiming its position as the premier eco-resource, providing jobs, houses, medicine and food without harming the planet, for those countries that allow its growth. South Africa has yet to amend legislation to allow hemp to be grown commercially, and Hemporium continues to lobby for a local industry.

Hemporium’s new headquarters can be found at 15 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town. If you would like more information, arrange an interview or visit, or for high-res pictures, please contact Tony Budden at 0217024988 or email at