Stay Safe and Healthy with Hemp Face Masks

  Shale TInkler     2020-04-30   View all blog articles

COVID-19 has led to some stressful and uncertain times. As South Africa begins to gradually move out of lockdown, citizens will need to take extra precautions to stay safe and healthy. Fortunately, hemp has you covered! Quite literally.

29 – 04 – 20

Hemporium has partnered with two local brands to create hemp face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We teamed up with Menck Clothing and Ubuntu Baba by donating hemp fabric to them.

Each of the brands are paying it forward in their own way by donating masks from gifted fabric and proceeds from mask sales to support various worthy causes such as clinics and COVID-19 relief organisations.

Order your hemp mask to help stay safe and healthy, and help contribute to these causes, by visiting the Hemporium, Menck Clothing and Ubuntu Baba pages.

Hemp Masks by Hemporium

Hemp Masks by Hemporium

Why choose hemp face masks?

Hemp is particularly well suited for making face masks for a number of reasons. Hemp fabric is hypo-allergenic and has natural anti-bacterial properties.

You know your mask will go the distance for many “adventures into the outside world”, as hemp fabric is known for its long-lasting durability.

Hemp masks are also a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Compared to masks made from synthetic fibres, hemp fabric is organic and biodegradable.

Hemp Mask by Menck Clothing

Hemp Mask by Menck Clothing

Hemp Masks by Menck Clothing

The first of the local brands we have partnered with is Menck Clothing, one of our fabric customers who use hemp textiles in their beautiful clothing range.

After using hemp textiles for many years, Ilse Menck is a firm believer in the benefits of hemp. Ilse realized that hemp would be a perfect fit for facial masks.

For every hemp mask that is purchased from Menck Clothing, they donate one cotton mask to various organisations in need. So far they have donated over a thousand masks to organisations including the Red Cross children’s hospital, Al-Nisa Maternity Hospital in Rondebosch East and Mowbray Maternity Hospital.

Masks donated by Menck Clothing

Masks donated by Menck Clothing

Masks made by Menck Clothing are designed to fit snugly over the nose and mouth, with adjustable elastics to go around the ears. Their masks are made with three layers of hemp and come in various sizes for children and adults.

Order your hemp mask from Menck Clothing, or find out more about their clothing range by getting in touch via their Facebook page or calling 0721159205.

Hemp Mask by Ubuntu Baba

Hemp Mask by Ubuntu Baba

Hemp Masks by Ubuntu Baba

The second local brand we partnered with is Ubuntu Baba, who are loved by South African parents for their comfortable and sustainable hemp baby carriers.

R5 from each Ubuntu Baba mask sold will go towards Xchange Connexion’s COVID-19 Disaster Response Program. Click here for more information on this initiative. They currently donate R16 from every other purchase made on their website to this cause, and over the last few months have managed to donate R40,000.

Ubuntu Baba is also using fabric gifted by Hemporium to make and donate masks to various worthy causes through trusted channels.

Hemp Mask by Ubuntu Baba

Hemp Mask by Ubuntu Baba

Ubuntu Baba’s masks come with five Brits D15 filters. A Brits nonwoven filter element for masks disrupts the transport system for the virus by controlling and trapping the respiratory microdroplets of 5 micron and above generated by talking, coughing and sneezing.

The filter allows the mask to entrap many smaller particles as well but is 95% effective for microdroplets above 5 micron. Each filter can be used & sterilized 5 times and then a new filter needs to be inserted (instructions included in the packaging). If you leave the house once a week, 1 filter would last 5 weeks.

Order your Ubuntu Baba face mask via their online store.