Sustainable Surfing

  Shale TInkler     2014-01-07   View all blog articles

From the Archive: 09-03-2010

Generally, surfers are considered to be serious nature lovers, but recently the surf industry has come under fire for how the dangerous the bi-products of board production are to the environment.

A traditional surfboard is made with a polyurethane foam core covered with fibreglass cloth and laminated with polyester resin. Polyurethane contains hazardous volatile organic compounds and its production uses large amounts of water, crude oil and energy while emitting methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!

Shapers worldwide have joined the search to produce environmentally friendly boards that can perform well resulting in the production of biofoam, hemp skins, bamboo fins and even plant based eco-resin.

Hemporium is proud to announce the production of the first locally produced hemp & bamboo surfboards and eco-friendly skateboards.

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